I am an Associate Professor of English at Lehman College and the Graduate Center at CUNY. Thanks for visiting my website. 

My scholarship focuses on writing, rhetoric, and literacy education. I'm currently writing a book, The Complexity of Beginners. It describes how first year composition might revitalize higher education.  The book takes a stand on the current culture wars in higher education and offers an argument for getting beyond them. But I ground this argument in my experience spending a year as a student of freshman comp.  Some of my publications can be found on

To teach the humanities in the 21st century is to question, challenge, and negotiate a new kind of humanity and a new culture of literacy. My classes investigate this new culture and support projects that broaden participation in it. In 2015 I was honored to win the Excellence in Teaching Award from my college. Descriptions of my some of my writing and literature courses are linked here

Research and teaching come together in my professional development activities. For ten years I co-directed the writing across the curriculum program at Lehman College. Resources on Lehman's Writing Across the Curriculum program (WAC)  and on my book about this project--Public Voices, co-edited with Marcie Wolfe--can be found here. 

The personal, political, and professional intersect for me in ways I document on my blog. Some of that writing--about parenting or swimming or coffee or life in NYC-- can be found below. The full blog is at Associations: Beginning Writing in an Age of Complexity.